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English Holiday Guide - Guide to find the English Holiday you require
English Holiday Guide - Guide to find the English Holiday you require
English Holiday Guide - Guide to find the English Holiday you require
Isles Of Scilly
Tourist Information Centre
St Marys
Isles Of Scilly
TR21 0LL
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Castles, shipwrecks, smuggling and mystical lands buried deep beneath the sea. Scilly’s history is crammed full of amazing facts, folklore and fantasy.

The islands are a playground for those interested in exploring and having fun! Year round sailing, kayaking and windsurfing.

Crystal clear waters, a plethora of marine life and fantastic wreck diving make the Isles of Scilly an ideal place to experience life under the waves. There are many challenging dive sites around Scilly such as the HMS Association, a 300 year old ship wreck near the famous Bishop Rock Lighthouse, Britains tallest.

So special are the Islands, historically and environmentally, that the whole are is a protected Marine Park, a Heritage Coast and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Preserved, wo that it can be enjoyed by islanders and visitors alike for many generations to come.

A frost free climate, a result of the Gulf Stream passing close by, has led to a profusion of sub-tropical plants across the islands. The variation and profusion of colour on the islands, is a delight for visitors and locals alike.

The Isles of Scilly have an enviable range of good quality and affordable accommodation. From hotels offering high standards of service, to family run guest houses and self-catering cottages, we are able to cater for all your accommodation needs. This website contains a comprehensive listing of all types of accommodation available on the Islands that have been inspected and rated accordingly by the English Tourism Council.

Locally produced food is much in evidence around the Isles of scilly. Take a stroll around the Islands and you will soon discover a plethora of homegrown tasty delights waiting to be eaten!

Explore over 100 islands at your leisure. See islets with such names as Men-a-Vaur, Buccabu and Illiswilgig. A variety of inter island and circular trips available.

St Mary's

The largest of the Islands and the hub of commercial and social life. The Scillonian III and pleasure boats operate from the quay and there are a varitey of galleries, shops, cafes and restaurants plus a museum.

St Agnes

The most south westerly community in the British Isles, encircled by rocky coves and reefs. Picturesque cottages, bulb fields and tamarisk hedges are common place as are striking granite outcops. The Island of Annett is nearby which hosts varied colonies of birds. Bishop Rock Lighthouse and the Western Rocks lie further West.

St Martins

A narrow Island about 2 miles long, with some of the finest white sandy beaches on the Islands. The Eastern Isles are nearby with their large seal and bird colonies. The diving school and fishing trips are organised from this Island.


The smallest of the inhabited islands, with a wild and rugged aspect to the North West, and by contrast, peacefull bays full of wild flowers to the South.


An island of contrasts. The Norther end is rugged and wild, with granite outcrops and wind blasted heathland. The central area holds green fields, cottages and farmland, leading through an avenue of trees to the farms. Tresco Abbey Gardens was laid down of the site of a 10th centuary Benedictine abbey in 1834. It displays of more than 5, 000 sub-tropical and exotic plants that thrive in the mild climate of the Isles. The gardens also host Valhalla, where ancient figure heads from ships are displayed, many salvaged from wrecks around Scilly.
English Holiday Guide - Guide to find the English Holiday you require
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